The Native to Virginia Beach Tote

The Native to Virginia Beach Tote

These landmarks and relics of Virginia Beach were chosen in collaboration with local artist, Clara with The Wild Wanderer. After thoughtful conversation, we developed this collection of 15 images. Each one holds a significant spot in our coastal town, images every local would also claim as their own. Once chosen, Clara got to work on the hand-drawn design that is now The Native to Virginia Beach Tote! 

This week, we launch our 6th-edition in a monochromatic black design and we wanted to take a moment to dive a bit deeper into the meaning held within each bag.  

1. Virginia Strawberry: Every spring time around May, this ground-hugging plant, blooming with clusters of fragile five-petaled white flowers are soon to be followed by tasty, wild strawberries. Found in patches mostly located in Pungo, Virginia Beach, this plant produces the finest, sweetest wild strawberry. Truly, strawberry fields forever, Pungo is sprinkled with "pick-your-own" fields where you can fill your basket till your heart's content. 

2. Offshore Hook: Known for its unique mean blade-like, curved, offset point. Virginia Beach is located at the very point where the Chesapeake Bay meets The Atlantic, providing some of the world best off-shore fishing.

3. Old Cape Henry Lighthouse: The 4th oldest lighthouse in the country, and the first to be utilized by the U.S. Government in 1792. Situated near the “First Landing” site where English settlers first set foot on their way to Jamestown. Built with the same sandstone as much of Washington, D.C, the lighthouse guided sea travelers to safety for almost 100 years. Newly restored, today, you can visit and climb to the top. 

4. Laughing Gull: Named for its unmistakable laugh-like call, you can see this beautiful bird as you walk along the shoreline, but be weary, they will do anything for your beach snacks.

5. 19th & Cypress: This address and block of town is where we call home: North End Bag Co. Workshop and storefront! Come by sometime! 

6. Atlantic Ghost Crab: A camouflage critter, you’ll spot these guys quickly skidding along the sand, more prevalent at dusk! Grab a flashlight for a Ghost Crab hunt!

7. Fish Surfboard: Thicker and wider than your traditional surfboard, these boards are useful in VB waves where some extra paddle strength is needed!

8. Clearnose Skate Egg Case: Commonly swimming along our bay and ocean shores, laying egg cases along the way. Often washing up, you’ll spot these black cases scattered amongst seashells.

9. Bottle Nose Dolphin: A truly magical sight, pods of dolphins can be spotted year round, catching Atlantic waves, cruising in the bay, or taking it easy in the Lynnhaven River.

10. Carolina Classic Boat: Constructed to with stand offshore conditions, this ride is perfect for trips to restaurant docks, fishing trips, or a sunset cruise.

11. 17th St Lifeguard Stand: Sun up to sundown, lifeguards occupy these towers to ensure swimmers safety.

12. Loggerhead Turtle: Known for their beautiful shells, these turtles love to crush clam shells, sea urchins, oyster shells, and jellyfish. 

13. Beach Cruiser: The Oceanfront Boardwalk spans 5 miles of bike and pedestrian paths. Scattered along the paths, the beach cruiser bike is the best way to take in the views! 

14. Atlantic Oyster- Often referred to as the "Eastern" or "Chesapeake Bay" Oyster. Like all oysters, it is a filter feeder, cleaning the water around it. They provide a key structural element within their ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay, making them a foundational species. Unfortunately, it is believed that less than 1% of the oysters remain today compared to when Jamestown was settled 500+ years ago. 

15. Cattails: One of the most abundant plant in the wetlands of Virginia Beach, providing a structural root system to support our marshes and estuaries. 

This symbolic design holds so much meaning, perhaps making it our new favorite bag to tote around this beach town. Love to visit, or perhaps moved away? This one's for you, too... 

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