Bandana Production

Bandana Production

North End bandanas launched in 2021, an accessory we absolutely love adding to our wardrobe in a multitude of ways: in our hair, tied to our bag straps, around our neck, or on our dogs collar! The possibilities are endless and new pops of summer colors are releasing next week... Today, we're sharing a behind the scenes look at our bandana production + selection. Although this isn't an item we make in our shop, we've done our research and chose to work with a brand that we align with in many ways: a production we're proud to partner with. 

One Feather Press specializes in hand made, custom screen-printed bandanas. They wash, cut, sew, print, and wash again each bandana in East Nashville, TN. The result is a handmade piece of art that fits in your pocket. Thomas Petillo runs a one-man custom wholesale bandana business he runs out of a 1930s shed in his backyard. He appreciates every detail and process behind items that are created authentically. As small businesses, we all benefit from collaborating with like-minded brands. It helps restore customers’ faith each time they make a purchase that some things are still made by hand, in America. Our custom design was drawn by artist Joshua Minnich. 


New colors available next Friday, April 22nd online and in-store at 12:00pm est, we're launching: Lemonade (yellow), Admiral (navy), Jasmine (cream) 

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