For everyday use — like hands, like hearts.




{ Here's a firm handshake and a look in the eye to start things off }

It's nice to meet you too. We are North End Bag Company, and we've been in the business of hand-crafting canvas and leather goods since 2012. On any given morning you'll find three or four of us in our shop on 19th St in Virginia Beach: normally with our heads down at the sewing tables or cutting from our custom patterns; sometimes laughing loudly or letting fly a stray four letter shout (and admittedly you might on a very rare moment see us staring in mystification at a computer screen). We have more than a decade of experience in the industry, learning along the way from our mistakes, and this gives each of us the confidence and joy of seeing you walk away with one of our hand-made bags.

The entire process unfolds in our shop which means every piece has been handled and re-handled with an eye to quality, strength and durability. Our bags are much stronger than much of what is out there because our leather is tanned in the old-world style using bark tannins. Unlike chemical tanning, our organic and centuries-old process is safe and healthy for the planet and results in the strongest leather. Ultimately we can give you a bag which we are sure is going to actually get better and more beautiful with age and use.

There's something to be said for taking your time and doing something right. We want to get it right.

Our culture tells us to strive and strive. But we just don't believe that this is what life is built for. Striving is not success. Success is doing what we love, creating, making, paying bills and employing some friends. Success is keeping the schedule calm so that we can go on those forest walks and have a surf one afternoon. Success is having a framework which allows us to slow down, rest and enjoy the present moment rather than focusing on the future moment. We rest to restore our spirit, to nourish family and friendship, to aim at the true and the good.

North End Bag Co. means doing things differently, having faith, believing in yourself and heading toward happiness, joy, meaning and purpose.

Simplicity. Humility. Possibility. That's what we're fighting for.

Our bags are for everyday use- like hands, like hearts.