Bay Clean-Up

Bay Clean-Up

This week we had the privilege of partnering with The Chesapeake Bay Foundation in efforts to clean-up the bay/beach area surrounding our home in Virginia Beach. In lieu of our earlier date being rained out, we moved this event a few days post Independence Day festivities. The beach being a major gathering point for celebrations, it is inevitable that our environment bares the weight of excessive littering. 
Stepping out onto the sand with our trash bags in hand, we didn't have to look far to witness the effects. Inviting our community to link arms and take a stroll along side of our team, we made new friends and caught up with old ones. Families of all ages, children, adults, and couples stepping out to connect and clean-up; it was incredible to have us all come together with this common goal- not to mention the huge pile of trash bags we accumulated. 
Once our clean-up was complete, we cracked-open a cold Crunchy Hydration beverage, lounged in VB Picnic Co.'s seating, and enjoyed a dip in The Chesapeake Bay.
This gathering was a gift, one that we don't take for granted. Motivating us to make it a part of our routine: a habit to care for the beach we call home. It's amazing what a few moments of intentional care can bring... a new wave of appreciation and awareness moving forward. 
** A huge thank you to VB Picnic Co. for providing umbrellas, seating, tables, and games for us to enjoy on the sand. Check them out to schedule your own picnic by the sea.
Thank you Crunchy Hydration for providing us with bubbly beverages packed with incredible health benefits! 
Thank you Long Board Charcuterie for providing us with a $100 gift card raffle for each attendee to be entered in! 
Thank you Chesapeake Bay Foundation for inspiring our community year after year to better care for our waterways, neighborhoods, and beaches bordering The Bay! **
We hope to do it again soon! 
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