Kitchen Sink Sale

Kitchen Sink Sale

It’s that time of year… our coastal town of Virginia Beach is waking up after a long winter rest. The song birds have returned to their sunrise calling, dune grasses are shifting from gold to green & there’s a pep in our step as beach season approaches. With this shift from winter to spring solstice comes our annual (sometimes bi-annual) Kitchen Sink Sale!


Speaking for itself, this sale truly has everything- but the kitchen sink. We rummage the shop and take inventory of accumulated prototypes, one of a kind design and color experiments as well as a collection of seamstress selected color pairings created with sample canvas and leathers. This March, we have created a collection of the most colorful bags yet! From bright red wallets, patch-work backpacks and all leather duffles, there is truly something for everyone.

A time for true creativity, our crew has outdone themselves with his release! This collection is available both in-store and online for a limited time! All sales are final and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good…

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