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Made By Us

I want to tell you a story. Tucked away in the Virginia Beach ocean front off 19th st, behind the WRV surf shop and Three Ships Coffee stands a pair of tall wooden doors painted with block colors. They lead the way back in time into the ever busy real working shop, North End Bag Co. The walls lined from end-to-end with various handmade bags, such as the top seller and most loved bag, The 76th St Tote. All waxed canvas and leather stitched with the utmost precision and care. The full time team of three work daily crafting and piecing each bag together like a puzzle. The end product is nothing short of perfect. The leather, tough and timeless, the waxed canvas, sturdy and attractive. North End’s vision is to make the higher quality bags for you and your family to carry for years to come. The cozy Virginia Beach shop is always full of action and sounds, ranging from the electric saw that flawlessly cuts the patterns. The hydraulic press “clicker” with its loud hum punching all of the leather pieces out. The sewing machines all chugging away guided by the caring hands of their seamstress. You can walk in the front doors and witness your bag being made before your eyes. A lost art.

North End Bag Co. wants every shopper to feel welcome when you enter and to be able to see the love and dedication that goes into every item before it happily walks out the door in your hands.

This time of year brings the opportunity for North End Bag Co. to help bring smiles to faces as they open their wrapped with love packages and gifts. We love the idea behind shopping small because with that it brings a special handcrafted bag, it supports a small local business, it helps a small local family grow, and it helps you receive an item that will tell your story. So what are you waiting for? Come experience the quality craftsmanship and handcrafted care that goes into every bag we make. Go grab a North End Bag and start the beginning of your story.

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