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Our Workshop: Part III/III

Our Workshop: Part III/III

What once was a hardware flooring shop/office and storage for WRV Surf Shop, was renovated at the tail end of 2015 to become The Alley, somewhat as we know it today. Pat presented the initial idea to LG, of WRV (and The Alley property) and proposed to essentially ‘trade places’ with the flooring company. The flooring company would take the Birdneck warehouse, and Aaron and Pat would get The Alley. The deal was made and the switch was on! With loads of renovations made within 6-8 weeks the two quickly realized this was a lot of space for just two businesses. Inviting in Brad from Three Ships Coffee and Igor’s Custom, a collective began.

 Opening for work and business in January 2016, The Alley has been home ever since. Spending the first two years, placed between Benevolent Design Co. and Three Ships Coffee, we were quickly outgrowing our combined workshop and storefront space. We found ourselves needing more room for heavy equipment, storage, and space to display our products while being able to comfortably welcome in our customers and friends (2018). While contemplating our next move, our buddy Pat stepped up to the plate again, offering up his workshop, adjacent to ours. As he was facing a similar issue, needing more space, he took on his next project: restoring and renovating the current “Jars of Dust” pottery studio at the end of The Alley. Previously surfboard storage for WRV, Pat made it his own while we opened up the shop, merging our storefront to our new workshop (more than doubling our sq. footage!). Keeping our production on site and connected with our display room has become an essential part of who we are. Not long after, Pat got a space just one block away, perfect for his woodworking business, while Jars of Dust moved into his previous spot.

Fine tuning our space over the past 3 years, The Alley has become more than a landing location for our business. It is a place where we feel inspired and surrounded by a supportive community. Creating an experience for our customers to touch, feel, wear, and witness our bags being made. With windows and an open doorway for observation and conversation, our shop continues to allow opportunity for deeper connections daily.


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