Part 1: Salty Hands

Part 1: Salty Hands

Northend Bag Co. is Made in America

Rainy day. Sunny day. Fall day. Summer day.
Sewing machines humming.
Stiff leathers that soften and richen like butter over time. Waxed canvas that stands straight as soldiers.
Beach day. Surf day. Shop by the sea.
Friends. Fair trade. Local markets and open doors.

Six hands. Busy hands. Worn hands. Calloused hands.
Hands that stitch and sew, pound and form.
Small hands. Large hands. Strong hands. Dexterous, nimble and clever hands.
Hands that interpret an idea and realize a story from raw materials.

Your neighbor, friends, fellow coffee-lovers, local yoga instructor, surfing mates or neighborhood peddler. Local hands. American hands. They swim in the same ocean and carry the same soil and sand. They rise before the sun and sleep beneath the same stars.
Six hands…six busy hands. These are our hands here at North End Bag Co.

Made in the USA

Our North End Bag Company team is extremely proud of our commitment to making our products right here in the USA and using American-sourced textiles. The USA is home…so we use things from home and want them to find a way into yours. It feels good to use things from home and we'd like to share that with you.

We get that there is confusion on choosing whether or not to buy products made in the USA. One day, it's all the rage and the next, it's too expensive. So, we did a little research and checked out some consumer reports and articles. Come to find out, consumers would rather buy an American-made product rather than those imported from foreign shores. However, we also found the opposite to be true. In a recent poll conducted by the Associated Press, findings support the notion that most Americans will purchase more convenient, less-expensive goods rather than American-made products.

North End Bag Co. is made in Virginia Beach

So which is it and why does it matter…or does it matter? Well, the six hands at NEBC think it matters…and that's not just because we make each and every North End Bag Co. right here in our Virginia Beach workshop using century-old machines. We believe that quality takes time. We also believe that authenticity trumps quick and convenient. Well-designed, timeless and carefully hand-crafted products are surely worth more than those that are mass-produced and readily available. There's something to be said for that…the six hands at North End Bag Company would have to agree.

Aside for the obvious reasons that buying American-made products generates more American jobs, buying American is something like a quest for "good" and "better" that begins right here in the United States. Take for example this upcoming holiday season. According to the the Made in America Movement website the average American will spend about $700 on gifts. Spending half that amount on American-made products will create up to one-million jobs.

That's what the economy gets for "Buying American." What do you get for this? At North End Bag Company, you get six hands, making your bag…pounding rivets, stitching leather, designing and sewing. You get quality textiles that support other American business. Six hands…each makes its mark that makes each bag unique…makes each bag ready for your everyday adventures. We'll throw in the salt air for free.

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  • Nancy Hedrick: May 13, 2018

    Hi, I am from NC and thought of driving to the shop. What are the hours?
    Also, the charcoal color looks blue on the website. Is it?

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