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The Blog is Back!

The Blog is Back!

The Blog is Back! 

By Cassidy Mantor


Hello friends!

I’m Cassidy from Virginia Beach and I have the honor and privilege of rebooting North End Bag Co.’s blog. I’m really excited about the stories we are going to be able to explore and how the blog will take shape. Maybe you’re reading this as an introduction to our product. Maybe you’re coming for a deeper look into our brand philosophy. Maybe you're just stopping by for some good vibes. Our goal is to spark a discussion with you about sustainability and why handmade artisanal craftsmanship is so important in today’s world of fast consumption.

I have to pause here and gush about our bags for a minute as a consumer myself. They’re fashionable, responsible, quality, and locally made right here in Virginia Beach. The bags are durable and hold everything. Even more so, I’m a fan of our community that includes the people who make them and the people who use them. 


If it seems like there’s a localized cult following around North End Bags, that’s because it’s true. They are proudly made right here by hand in Virginia Beach. Craftsmen and makers exist all over the world, but it’s a treat to be able to support a local business that makes something with global sensibility. 

Ethical Fashion

As conscious consumers, we’ve been introduced to the idea of ethical fashion. In the greater sustainability conversation, fair trade is a litmus test for ethical fashion. It involves living wages, good working conditions, and responsible environmental practices. There’s no question those exist at North End Bag Co. 

The evolution of our bags from raw materials to your shoulder is right here for you to see. You can peek in our shop windows and see the people who are making your bag. We’re uniquely accessible and ethical. We like to think this makes our bags stand out even more compared to the impersonal mass-produced options that we are told to buy on a daily basis. 


North End Bag Co.’s vision is inclusive: we make quality product that stands the test of time and looks great. Longevity is our goal, as is starting the discussion about what we need to do to take care of our world. Our work reflects our shared goal as humans to mindfully connect with you, as part of our community, and put out work that makes us all feel good. A discussion is the best way for us all to learn.

Discussion Question:

To kick off our discussion on sustainability, I’d love to hear an example of how you're prioritizing sustainability in your daily life. I’ll go first. I use my 76th St Tote on small grocery trips so I save a disposable bag. It’s a bonus that my water bottle fits in the pockets so I can stay hydrated while I'm running errands without having to use a shopping cart with a cupholder.


Drop us an email or a comment with your answer!

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  • suzntoceyu: November 11, 2020

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Anya: June 03, 2020

    Congratulations on the reboot! During the stay at home I did quite a bit of cleaning out (like many people) and was shocked at the amount of waste one household had. It was definitely an eye opener to me and emphasized the importance of being responsible when consuming. I have begun to follow some accounts on social media that have the mindset of “fewer better things” & take that mindset when purchasing. I have made a switch to mostly glass products, am more conscious about recycling, and also carry (when I am able) reusable shopping bags. Often if the item is small enough I will decline a bag and just place in my purse. Sometimes it can be daunting to find a place to start, but I’ve realized that small decisions add up!

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