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The Rose: Horween Leathers- Essex & Chromexcel

The Rose: Horween Leathers- Essex & Chromexcel

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CHROMEXCEL (Umber Rose- pictured)

Chromexcel is the original pull-up leather; using time honored techniques and formulas that were developed nearly 100 years ago.  Chromexcel is still produced in the United States using a bark retannage from a proprietary recipe, and then genuine hot stuffed with our secret blend of natural oils and greases. Chromexcel is characterized by a rich pull-up in full aniline, hand rubbed finishes.  Made to this day with old world craftsmanship, modern Chromexcel carries on a long history of superior comfort and durability.

Read more about The Chromexcel Leather here...®-2?rq=chromexcel

ESSEX (Ginger Rose)

Essex is a vegetable tanned side leather that utilizes the same traditional tanning extracts as Shell Cordovan.  Essex, and its waxed versions, Dublin and Derby, took Horween nearly three years to develop and perfect.  This tannage is marked by a high oil content and ages beautifully over time. 

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