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Value in Vintage: Part I/III

Value in Vintage: Part I/III

 As we celebrate the newest addition to our Signature Collection, we’re taking a step back to appreciate the inspiration behind it all. The Malcolm, a classic yet elevated take on a weekender-style duffle was designed with vintage inspiration.

(The Malcolm pictured left, vintage tool back right)
A small tool-bag originating from Ireland caught Aaron's eye, leaving him infatuated with the body shape, leather cut details, and of course- the fact that this handmade bag has withstood the test of time. In efforts to carryover similarities in the inspiration while creating our own unique design, The Malcolm has been through many months of cultivation.

Stepping in a slightly different direction with our material (from our standard 16 oz. waxed canvas and leather), this duffle is crafted from 18 oz. waxed-twill and Horween Chromexcel leather. This heavier weight fabric gives this bag a structure unlike anything we’ve made before. Durable and weather-resistant, this is an excellent choice for luggage with an adventurous spirit. Supported by Chromexcel leather known for its extensive hand-crafted method. Undergoing a dying process using naturally occurring pigments applied with heat and steam, yielding a resilient, strong, and buttery-soft material that ages beautifully. Sewn and hammered complete with our signature copper rivets and brass zipper and hardware.

Like the vintage found tool bag that sparked The Malcolm into existence, our desire is for this duffle to become a timeless part of your travels, lasting for decades to come. For the value in vintage requires the continuation of well-made and beautiful designs, to last and inspire generations ahead of our own. 

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