Value in Vintage: Part II/III

Value in Vintage: Part II/III

             Quality, character, and durability. Three principals we strive to weave into our products, three necessities we also aim to live by. At North End Bag Co., our team tends to live slowly, appreciating the beauty of creating. With our craft, our purchases, and our way of life, we take the time and consideration in not always taking the quick route, but the one most worth-while. The beauty that comes from decades of wear and the bond that is created when making the choice to learn about the quality of your investment brings a new appreciation to the items we choose to use on a daily. Taking our 6 key materials and preparing them into a product built to be a part of your daily use. One that becomes more beautiful with each day of use. A product that may one day, in turn, become vintage while still holding the same quality that it did on the day it was made.


            While establishing our first workshop for the main purpose of expanding our craft, we quickly found ourselves in need of having a space to display our product and welcome customers. Not having too many options at the beginning, we used what we had on hand to display. Old hooks, boxes, and tables- just enough to let the bags do the talking. Overtime, moving workshop locations, we’ve been privileged to continuously expand our show room. With Aaron's passion for quality well-made design that can withstand the test of time, our show room has acquired a collection of vintage finds, mostly from our buddies that own vintage shops (American Vintage, Williamsburg, VA).

Today, we welcome our customers through two massive vintage accordion-style doors customized to fit our space. The door frame is made complete with a reclaimed wood beam installed by our friends at Benevolent Design Co. This entrance sets the tone for stepping into an experience, taking you back in time a bit, slowing your pace, and savoring time spent shopping for an accompaniment for your everyday. We have developed a timeless design, a classic look that feels right at home displayed alongside of vintage and reclaimed finds. It has only ever seemed natural to surround our showroom with the same. A collection of vintage rugs, reclaimed wood shelving, tables, art, and displays, we want it to feel like home. Each piece has a story of how it found its way into our shop, and we can only hope- with our highest confidence- that our bags do the same for decades to come.  


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